Happy New Year from all us at Uplyme Community Sponsorship.  We are excited to share with you some good news. The scheme has restarted and we have received official confirmation from the Home Office that we will welcome a Syrian family early this year.

For all of us it has been a frustrating eight months. Back in March we were ready to start. We had the house, the funds, our volunteers, in fact, everything needed to give a Syrian family a fresh start in Uplyme. So it was demotivating not knowing when the scheme would resume.

During this period, the house was redecorated, furniture donated and installed and more volunteers identified and contacted. Fortunately, we have been able to find short term tenants for the property so the house has not stood empty. We also continued to advocate for an early resumption with support from Charis, RESET and Citizens and by writing to our local MPs.

We are very aware that due to the pandemic some of you will not be able to be so involved as you first thought as may still be shielding, but if you have not already offered to help, here’s a reminder of the areas where the family will need support after they arrive: driving, befriending, language teaching and informal conversing.

We can also always do with more funds. We deliberately suspended our fundraising activities during lockdown but had a successful raffle in December raising another £200.  We are still needing funds to enable us to support the family so if you feel you can he


To all our supporters and volunteers, we’d like to send out our enormous thanks for your continuing support, practical help and financial assistance. Thanks so much for sticking with the scheme throughout this difficult period. Now we can all look forward to putting all that hard work and preparation to good use when we hopefully welcome our Syrian family to Uplyme.

Good news .....